Autosober consists of two companies that have joint owners and operations. The two companies are called Autosober Sweden, which is aimed at the private market, and Autosober Uppsala AB, which is aimed at public operations. Both operations are located in the same premises in Uppsala and have a very close collaboration under one and the same name Autosober. For customers, this means an overall competence of one of Sweden’s most knowledgeable suppliers of IR-based alcohol measuring instruments.

Autosober is situated in Sweden but operates throughout Europe. The company has a holistic approach to its products from development, production, sales and service, but also works in some cases together with other companies in projects or resellers.

Autosober aims to deliver a well-functioning system that lives up to the customer’s expectations and is an aid in everyday life. Through a long service life, the systems must be a stable investment from both the economy and the environmental point of view.