Many situations and contexts today require the full focus of each individual. Various factors come into play, one is about being sober. In work and in traffic, this is an important issue. With automated sobriety checks, it is easy and quick to test that people in different situations are sober. Autosober’s unique products help ensure that everyone is sober at work – and in traffic.


With Exhalytics an alcoholanalyze are performed with high reliability. The measuring instrument is one of few on the market based on infrared (IR) technology. The method is uniq and measures alcohol content in exhaled air in less than a second. It is quick to test a large number of people at intervals of just a few seconds. The IR technology allows the execution of an unlimited number of breath tests while maintaining precision. If alcohol is detected during a test, a complete analysis is performed. The result is presented after 3-5 seconds. Exhalytics need no recovery time and is immediately ready for a new breathtest.


The test are done without any contact and without a nozzle and is not perceived as strenuous. Anyone who has blown into a regular alcotest knows that a lot of air is required and result takes time. In Exhalytics, everyone, regardless of lung capacity, can blow and get a result. The breathtest can be compared to blowing out a candle or blowing dust away from something. The instructions to the user are intuitive and easy to understand.


Exhalytics is today used by several large companies to control the sobriety of both employees and drivers who load and unload goods. The measured values ​​from people who blow above the limit in Exhalytics correspond well with measurements made in the evidenceinstrument, Evidenzer. All breathtests generate a resultreport in PDF format containing all information to provide reliable evidence of the alcohol content of the samples. In cases where identification can be provided, the instrument is provided with a reader for example barcode. Exhalytics can also be equipped with SMS transmitters for alarm handling.


Exhalytics can be used in different situations, indoors, outdoors, monitored or as stand-alone, with alarm functions or for self-control. We adapt the design and accessories to each individual customer and environmental condition. 



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